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World’s Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wed – Video

World's Heaviest Woman

World’s Heaviest Woman – Video

Here you can watch the video of World’s Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wedding. Most of the people around the world suffers from uncontrollable weight gain problem. The reasons are rare conditions in most cases, rather than food intake. Those people became the focus of attraction (funny) when they appear to public.

But the problem, in most of the cases, not belong to them. Even some surgery in brain may get results in damaged hypothalamus, leaving with uncontrollable hunger and enormous accompanying weight gain. There are some conditions like hypothalamic obesity – a rare, irreversible condition that leaves her feeling constant hunger pains but unable to lose any weight. 

The Story Behind

Here is the World’s Heaviest Woman. FIFTY-four stone mum Charity Pierce, 38, has found love with a toyboy almost half her age. Charity fell for Tony, 21, three years ago and the pair have since become engaged. Now Tony is helping housebound Charity find a doctor willing to perform a bypass operation which she hopes will save her life and let them be married. The couple met after Charity’s daughter Charly, 17, struck up a friendship with Tony – who is actually her father’s younger brother.

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