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Why Others Copies and Imitates You – Surprising Reasons

Why Others Copies and Imitates You - Surprising Reasons

Why Others Copies and Imitates You ? Here you can find some surprising reasons behind Why Others Copies and Imitates You. You may get irritated, because of this particular behavior exhibited by one of your friend, class mate or neighbor. There are some tips and ways to deal with Others Copies and Imitates You. Once you understood the reasons behind this act, you may feel surprised. So next time onward, when you feel other are acting and doing everything same of you, be proud of your self. 

In Psychology, Imitation is the partial or complete reproduction or performance of an act that is stimulated by the perception of a similar act by another animal or person. Imitation or copying behavior if clearly evident in humans and animals from the infancy itself. This process involves a model to which the attention and response of the imitator are directed.  Here below a girl describes her problems while her friend copies everything.  

“I have a friend, she copies all that I do. The way I walk, the way I speak, the way I sit, the way I write, the way I play with my pen while thinking, she will try and do it. She is even copy the way I stand! Seriously i am frustrated a lot. She always try to flirt with my boyfriend. When he approaches me she says to him “go away”. He doesn’t give her the attention, thank God.

She doing Like seriously as he is not my boyfriend. It’s really getting on my nerves and I can not withstand this. I mostly play with either my ears or the back of my hair out of boredom or concentration, she must do that also! I also play with my mouth and guess what… She does it too!!!! The list is endless. How on God’s earth am I suppose to tell this girl to layoff and stop copying me?”

Why Others Copies and Imitates You – Facts

Answer: You must understand, those who copy or imitate others have a serious underlying issue. This will be due to their family issues, poor self esteem, ego problems or even some mental problems. Insecurity is the first thing that comes to mind. If a person is enough secure and confident with their abilities, they will never copy you. If someone copy your ideas, thoughts and even personality, be proud because you are awesome person with such attracting personality and features.

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You wouldn’t need to copy others, if you are secure, self impressed and confident. Another notable and most found reason behind copying others is jealousy. Copying others is also a clear sign of jealousy. Those People, who don’t have a certain look, talent or idea will be so jealous of others. They will be never satisfied in anything they have. These people will try to take other’s successes and try to make them their own. It’s very pathetic in real life, upsetting and unfortunate. At the same time this is something that is hard to control.

Why Others Copies and Imitates You - Surprising Reasons

How to Deal with a Copycat Friend

  • Enjoy the Sincerest Form of Flattery: 

People suggests Imitation is sometimes, the Sincerest Form of Flattery. The best thing to do in this situation is to take the high road and take these situations as a compliment. You should be flattered when someone wants to be like you so much that they are copying you. 

  • Stop Thinking: 

First you have to stop thinking that, you are completely original, and one-of-a-kind. This is not mostly true, as there are other people who share our interests, big and small. We are also copycats at some point. You pick up certain things from others – like style inspiration.

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  • Be Proud:

Better than talking all these things to the person copy you, keep your mouth shut and learn to deal with the fact that you obviously have amazing taste. Be proud and confident on the other hand. Your copycat friend will eventually grow bored of you and start picking up inspiration elsewhere. But if some one adopted not only your hairstyle, but also your ex-boyfriend, career and life philosophy, then you may need step in. 

  • Try Some Change:

When someone copy everything you do and this irritates you like anything, switch it up. Simply try to take this as an opportunity to change things up a little’ This could be in your appearance, your hobbies or your coffee shop haunt. Buy doing this you will get new experiences out of it along the way.

  • Keep Things Within You:

If again and again she is picking your brain, and spouting off your opinions and passions as if they were her own, You should try keeping more to yourself. So don’t tell her your stance on an important issue, and conveniently keep her in the dark. 

  • Talk and Explore: 

If your friend continually copying you, talk to her personally to reveal reasons behind her insecurity. Being straight with her, and addressing the issue might help more. The key is to be gentle, but direct—in this situation. You can also help her to turn to magazines, TV, art and books to form her own set of thoughts and opinions.

How Do You Feel Others Copies and Imitates You?

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  1. I don’t know where to begin. I have this problem and I am seriously affected by this. The advice on this article does not help. I have always been hated, but copied and imitated by girls. I feel that they envy me so much, that they would kill me if they could get away with it. I currently live in japan as an exchange student, with a roommate. The first few days I came here, I instantly gained immense attention from everyone. They surrounded me and questioned me. The foreign students of my class. Eventually it turned into hate, jealousy and imitation. Despite hating me, they want to do what I do and know everything about me. So they question me like they’re my mother. And follow my every move. And I cannot withstand this.
    The most horrible thing is living with a roommate. The 1st roommate, since she saw me, stared at me for hours, without taking her eyes off. I had to unpack my bags and change clothes while she was staring at me. This felt disgusting. And she eventually began mistreating me, smashing things inside the room, clicking tongue at me, and so on. I was heavily stressed and it showed physical symptoms. The japanese teachers took my situation as a joke and did not help. After so much effort, i got the roommate changed. Since the teachers understood that she was the one with unusual behavious, she got sent out of the room, despite me being the one who wanted to leave.
    Now, the roommate I have is a chinese girl 2 years older than me. At first things went fine. And then she began showing that same irritated behaviour. When I get dressed nice, she would slam doors and turn the lights off so I can’t see. She would ask me a chain of questions when where with whom and what for am I going out. And I asked her what her problem with me is, and she said, you’re too much. I asked her what she means by that, and she didn’t answer. Since then, despite being from an educated girl from a developed country, she had been imitating me. She eats what i eat. Drinks what I drink. Stares at my face while I sleep, wears and buys the same type of thing. And I have a habit of taking my waterproof phone inside the bathroom. To play music while I shower. She does the same. I sing. She sings. If I am interested in a guy. She wants to know everything. She wants to know and monitor my every action. And she stares at my nude body like a gross pedophile. And says wooooo, when I get dressed or undressed. Her friend makes an irritated face when she sees me, and a few others classmates imitates me as well. And one of them always comes and stands besides me, just to stare at me like a crazy bitch. Things have always been like this for me. I gain a lot of attention and hated no matter where I go. Relationships don’t go well for me for this very reason. And I was personally told by a japanese teacher (who bullies me), “you stand out too much, and it hurts other people’s feelings. Try not to stand out”. She openly discriminates against me, specially after I got the best grades in the class. All of this is immensly affecting me psychologically. There is so much I haven’t said here. And this is a serious issue, its driving me nuts. Currently I am trying to be more cold and distant with people to protect myself and my privacy.

    • This is the first time I’ve heard of a story like that. It’s really messed up, the way others coincidentally and constantly treat you. I mean “you stand out too much, try not to stand out?” PFFFT if that’s not considered utter BS, then lemme go reevaluate my life while eating a shoe. Now I’m an envious copycat, from my perspective whenever I copy someone I usually admire them and want to feel a tiny bit of whatever they did for myself, and whenever I’m enviously copying someone i hate, i’s usually mockery mixed with the former. A sort of “heh this idiot can do this, I probably can do better than them, in fact lemme do it right away!” or “they don’t deserve to create something this awesome, it’s MY aesthetic/identity & it’s what I do, why not me? I’m supposed to be the one creating it!” thing.Perhaps they felt that way towards you though I don’t know the exact reason on what drove them to do so. Maybe they’re being racist. Maybe you resemble someone quite hateful to them. Maybe they all collectively have an envy issue, their envy is so big that they all started acting irrational. Thankfully you’re only an exchange student, it’s all temporary. You really gotta get out of that toxic environment quickly. I pray you do.

      • You sound crazy. First you say that you have never heard of anything like that happening and then you admit that you do it yourself…..? If you are copying someone, especially someone that you openly dislike you look PATHETIC. Get your own life and stop trying harass people that are happy with theirs.

      • To anonymous, what I think you should do is to develop a thick skin. You have the right to live your life the way you want it. No one has the right to tell you how to live your life.And to even tell you, you stand out too much. They want you to be mediocre because they lack the drive to be better . They see that you have the momentum and since they don’t have it , they say to themselves, then we all won’t have it .so let’s set out to destroy her momentum or dive. They see their aspirations in you but they have never figured out a way to become those aspirations.And then they see someone who has managed to become what they admire and wants to be. Don’t listen to that tutor. If you do , you will end up mediocre and uninteresting like them. And they will laugh behind your back because they succeeded in telling you how to live your life and also to become shallow. Who the heck are they to tell you how to live your life. If you maintain your stance and ignore them, they will stop eventually and even come to respect and admire you. Im saying this from personal experience. DON’T CAVE IN. You only have one life , live it to the fullest!

        • That really helped. You intelligently phrased what I couldn’t put into words.

          But I have a mother who behaves this way and it really annoys the heck out of me.

          Great advice :). This is definitely a Life Lesson. Not let others dictate how we should live and hold our ground. Be who we want to be (regardless of what anybody else does or says).
          Pure gold:

          “They see their aspirations in you but they have never figured out a way to become those aspirations.And then they see someone who has managed to become what they admire and wants to be.”

    • The same thing always happened to me in high school! At first I was super happy because for the first time I had a lot of friends and guys started taking interest in me. I have always tried to “be myself” and dress/ act for myself so sometimes I do things a little out of the norm. But I was picked on so bad in middle school and always tried to fit in with others but kept failing. By the time I reached HS I decided to just be happy with myself and if everyone hated it then “oh well”. But at first everyone really took a liking to me and I was pleasantly surprised. After a few years though, everybody started to turn on me. All of my friends started copying my style and actions but then would turn around and talk very badly about me behind my back. This devastated me. Guys would try to go out with me but I was never interested in anyone other than my boyfriend. They thought that this was unacceptable. Especially with one guy who thought he was in love with me. He would walk around crying about it and all of his friends would try to convince me to dump my bf to get with him. (Like I somehow owed him something. It didn’t matter what I wanted, but if he wanted me than I should drop my agenda and do what he wanted). This all made my self esteem plummet once again and made me severely depressed. I completely stopped even trying to have friends after a while and everything I truly was started to disappear. I felt like what is the point of trying to be anything if I have to be this lonely. I gave up and became a shell of myself. Don’t let this happen to you, please, its not worth it. Just get away from this toxic environment. I now think that the girls (friends) I had were threatened by me or jealous. Even though I would never try and steal anyone’s guy, I can get my own if I want. Its a shame because I am a loyal friend and really loved them very much. The guys that were always harassing me I think just saw me as a trophy and our society (in the U.S.) displays women as rewards. When guys don’t always get their way they get angry. Not every guy is like this, but many I have encountered are. Don’t let these awful people dictate your personality. That being said, maybe you are presenting yourself in a way that you are giving off the wrong impression. If you are dressing/acting provocatively in front of other women’s guys then they are going to get aggressive because they feel threatened. If you are being respectable of others and they are still copying/attacking you than they are just jealous so ignore them as much as possible. Same thing with guys, try to make sure you aren’t being too flirty, they have a real hard time trying to figure out if you are into them sometimes and then they will act like jerks towards you when they misinterpret because their egos are hurt. Good luck, I hope this helps.

    • I have always disliked imitation. My answer is discuss with the person how important it is to be different. We all have different finger prints dna and such for some important reason. Plus life would be boring if we were all the same.

    • That anger thing with girls happens to me so often. I think it’s because most girls are immature and followers. They are used to doing what other girls do and taking orders, like little girls. Few girls are independent and mature. Immature girls crave the spotlight always and immediately get jealous and venemous when someone takes it away. They are not happy within themselves. Continue to stay away from them, find the mature girls that celebrate your uniqueness and specialness. Stay away from girls that copy you because they are freaks.
      You’ll have fewer friends, but they’ll be better than the brats.

  2. Please advise…I am a gay..I love my straight friend all about me. He said his male friends and girl friend cheated him.He want me to be with him but no help or good word from him. Now he is trying to be smarter than me. Kind of imitation. What is his problem.Is he love me.Is he a gay or bi? I know that he had similar kind of lifestyle before means..we were bought up only at home..kind of introvert

  3. My boyfriend copied my moans during sex…when we first started dating I noticed that he would copy little things; like if I joked around and made a “cute” high pitched noise, he would tell me it was adorable and make the same noise. That never really bothered me, a lot of people do that. Even I imitate something if I think it’s funny or cute sometimes. But then for the first time he copied my moans exactly, and not just once but repeatedly throughout the entire session. I never thought much of his imitations, but to be honest that kind of freaked me out. When I told him he was copying me he claimed he had no idea he was doing that…is he like psychotic???

  4. I have/had many people throughout my life who have copied and imitated me. Some even being so hateful to the point of spreading lies and trying to defame what was going on in my life. In high school I’ve had this friend who tried mirroring everything I did; the way I looked, the way I spoke, the way I dressed, my hobbies, and so on…I never understood why she would behave the way she was nor did I ever have the urge to confront her, I was just confused as all I could be. My last straw with her was when I realized she envied everything about me to where she out in the open started a comparison game to our peers. She ended up buying the same exact lip gloss as I had, demanded that I put it on as she did, she grabbed my arm and had us approach this guy we both knew and she asked, “Whose lips are bigger? Mine or hers?” He looked at her really weirded out and said, “Honestly, Jessa’s are.” She looked at me with a really irate look and walked away with her nose up. She was so fond of my looks and upset with hers was the way I took it from then. She’d comment on how much bigger my eyes were then hers and how my eyelashes were so full and thick and so on. She started reading off my MySpace page back then and calling out my hobbies and interests as hers out in the open to our peers. It wasn’t until then I put my foot down and had become so annoyed that I discontinued our friendship. That is not the end of my high school story. I’ve had family members that have tried tearing my life apart. I come from a large family where members close to my age basically had never left high school. In my generation, I was the only girl to graduate with a High School Diploma. I had a cousin however, during high school who had paired up with the friend who mirrored me and they together turned my life into a living hell in school. Once I put my foot down and got out of the friendship my cousin paired up with her and they together started spreading lies about me and made sure no peer of mine, grade 7-12 could ever like me. I was the “girl with no friends” the “girl no one likes” the “loner and loser”. I had never felt so hated in my life and for no real reason. All lies and no honesty were put to my image and this was the power a former friend and a cousin, a family member for crying out loud had against me. Despite the depression and extreme social anxiety I’ve came to know from the bullying they together caused, I pushed myself to graduate school. I may have left high school and met the love of my life shortly after but the cousin who had caused so much tremoil toward me continued her acts of defamation toward me. I graduated and my parents were so proud of me, these were some of the happiest moments in my life. How could anyone else not be happy for me? I graduated and many people were congratulating me on social media. Shortly after all the congrats toward me my cousin posted a false certificate saying that she graduated and now had a nurse aide certificate and she took the “light” from her false post so everyone was then happy for her “success”. My fiancé, now husband, back then had proposed to me and we planned a small wedding with close family and friends. Old friends started slander of me as well as my cousin. My husband and I married and soon came the day we announced we were expecting a little one. My father had given us a home to live in, it was just we had to fix it up a little. The WHOLE family instead of being happy for us and supporting our new life together grew angry and harassed us for years to come. The cousin from high school just as she spread lies then she spread lies saying I had cheated on my husband when I never had and he knew that because we were with each other 24/7, she couldn’t stand everything nice going on in my life and I take it she tried ruining my husband and I’s relationship. The sad part about the cousin is that she cheated many times on her now husband before she moved in with him at the time of them just dating and tried wiping her dirty fingers on me and pointing them at me. The harassment from family went as far to been threatened to be killed. The saddest part was instead of the community getting to know my husband and I as a newly wed couple, they only knew us as the lies and rumors my family had spread during the feuds. To this day I still hurt from everything that has happened. I had never received an apology from anyone who contributed to the harassments and bullying. If they could have just been fond and happy for the happy moments in my life that would have been ideal…why do people have to go so far in life to get others down?

  5. I’ve been the target of a copycat for over 20 years. Change my style? How is letting this person remove me from who I am and the things I like to wear, do, eat, say, etc going to help either one of us? Allowing someone to take over my personality, claim it as their own, and drive me to abandon who I am would be the ultimate personal fail and a total assertion of false justification to the offender. try to keep things within you. That is the only effective tactic in neutralizing a copycat if you plan to keep them in your life, as they can’t imitate what they aren’t privy to. Obviously, the most effective way to rid yourself of the constant annoyance is to sever ties with the person and remove them from your life. They have serious psychological issues that require more than just a heart-to-heart talk. I am considering a full-scale intervention with other people close to the person and am scouring the net looking for useful information to apply with the group. Good luck to those who have this problem with someone you know.

  6. It’s jealousy-not flattery. Can’t think for themselves. Like what you have and want credit for it like it was theirs. That’s it.

    • Although it may not feel like flattery, in a way it is. They had to do something unoriginal, something you did first and foremost. Why? Because they want to compete, to get a sense of accomplishment, but why through you when there are so many other things you can accomplish? Because they have their eyes on you, they are taken back.

  7. I’m not sure if this behavior ever changes or gets better. I have a younger sister who was like this. She copied everything about my life from my boyfriends to their nations of origin to my career choices to my choice of city to settle in. The clone xeroxed everything until I finally began revealing less to her. She then picked a fight with me over the phone while I was on a trip overseas to basically wish my death on my next plane trip. She’s now spreading rumors about me and trying to turn the family against me. I work in Hollywood and am kind of the Michael Jackson of the family. The sibling is the LaToya. I’m burned out and over it. No further contact. My advice to everyone with a friend or family member like this, endlessly copying and trying to one-up everything that you do, is that it isn’t your fault and you can’t change them. It isn’t flattery or admiration: IT’S ENVY. Back slowly away like you would from bees. This sister is now dead to me.

  8. My copycat is my male roommate. I’m a grown woman and I’m constantly mimicked. It’s really irritating and I don’t know how to ask him politely to knock it off. He sits like me, he tries to outdo me in the kitchen making meals, like it’s a competition. He thinks all of my spare time should be spent with him. I’m suffocating and frustrated with this situation

  9. I planned a party and right after my friend planned one a week before. Often when I see her she makes faces at me or ignores me. She’s nice and social sometimes. But I’m tired of her bullying me. Having a party before me is the last straw. I unfriendly her on Facebook (again) and I changed my rsvp to No for her party. When she texts me trying to apologize for her behavior (like she’s done before) I’ll tell her she has issues and she’s not invited to my party. Girls often copy me, gossip about me, and tell me off. I think it’s because I’m independent and mature and most girls act like little girls and follow the crowd. They have no original thought or courage. People are followers nowadays, and very competitive.
    I’m sad because I have few friends, because most girls are like this and when we have a falling out the other girls follow them.
    But it’s more worth it to me to have friends I like that respect me, than many conniving friends.

  10. I have a “friend” with no clue of what “personal boundaries” means
    I could deal with it, I have dealt with it for several years now, but for a few months she’s started copying me, like my hairstyle and haircolor, and choice of decor in the bathroom. Naturally seeing photos posted of that made me feel creeped out. Tbh I felt violated. Anyways since I didn’t want to see her looking like a bad copy of me I got a haircut and dyed my hair. It took about five days and then I could see her in that color as well.
    Since I never hang out with her IRL anymore she must’ve seen my change posted in FB.
    don’t know how she manages it. I’ve put her number on auto-block list on my phone so she stops bugging me, she can call 10-20 times a day if I don’t answer.
    I’ve talked to get before regarding her not giving me enough space but it apparently fell on dead ears as it went back to the same routine after maybe 2 weeks. So she obviously doesn’t respect me, or are just too selfcentered to take my feelings into consideration.
    is she doing this now because I won’t have any contact with her ?
    Is this just me overreacting ? Perhaps. Impersonation may be flattery but I still don’t think this is acceptable behavior.

  11. Wow not just me! Sad but reassuring. Also extremely hard is to never react, ignore, move as far away from them as possible and don’t have them in your life at all – “friend” or family, as hard as it may seem.

    It is jealousy.
    It is a sign of flattery, imitation.

    This has happened go me all my life and a wise person told me this: better to be different than to be the same. You’re an idol, a star, a celebrity. Have that mindset because their goal is to break and reduce you to punish you for not being scared of being confident in your unique self.

    And by no means change yourself. They have psychological issues and sadly in this world evil gets away with a lot. Well, so they think.

    Most importantly these people may try to copy you but you still have the advantage because they can never be you! Even when they try to copy your mannerisms, your looks etc, theyll never be able to recreate the essence of you. 2 people can wearing the exact same outfit yet look completely different. You’re not a one of a kind, you’re a one and only.

    So rest assured that they will always be severely unhappy. Especially if you ignore them. Trust me it’s hard but they’ll get bored eventually, although they’ll probably up their game to a severe level in frustration for some time. These people are a dime a dozen I’m still trying to follow my advice but jeous bullies can be your biggest motivators of success.

    Remember they have psychological issues and the pain the direct towards you is a million fold the pain they feel for hatred towards themselves.

  12. I always gathered it was a compliment, but found it odd that a grown person would go out of their way to imitate another individual. Like, are we all living in a big endless HighSchool? It puzzles me why anyone would copy another, although it is understandable that sometimes without thinking we naturally do, which is another story. One scenerio in my case was when I eloped with my ex two/three years back. It was funny how some of his female friends complained about it endlessly, yet those same ones literally snatched the first man *they could,* and ran down the aisle a few months later wtf. Trying to prove something? What a pitty. My friends do normally dig my sense of style, looks or hair (small things) which is normally fine. Unless they are obvious about certain things and then proceed to show envy followed by copying then that’s when I have a problem and I normally call them out or give it to them through a subliminal message. But the whole marriage deal still baffels me, what a joke.

  13. Ugh, my cousin also copies my own gestures and even my music taste. What should I do. He gets angry if I told him that he is irritating af.

  14. there’s this young lady who recently came to live with me. She mimic’s everything single thimg about me, everything. She started buying clothes like mine. every color lipstick I like wearing suddenly she likes wearing it. My title has been queen for many years. now she calls herself queen, buying things with queen written on it. whatever i say I like she likes. if I dislike something, she say she dislikes it. I’m a singe, I sing all the time. She ask me to teach her to sing because she loves to sing. Everytime i’m singing, she actually tries to sing the song, yet don’t know the lyrics or melody. I love blues and jazz, she said she do to. but don’t have a clue what it is. she eves drop on everything. she now address people the exact same way i do. But, She keeps rearranging things in my home the way she wants to.I have personal dainty cups on a paticular shelf. She brought herself personal dainty cups, one saying queen, pushed mine into the back of the cabinet and put hers in their place’s. with certain people I answere the phone saying “holla’. After asking her to come here one day, she came and replied “holla”. i asked her what does that mean, she said i don’t know. I told her “stop saying it then. At first I didn’t mind her mimicking me. But now I’m feeling she’s getting out of control, trying to replace me. I growing more aggitated and uneasy with her. on top of it all, she’s starting to do spiteful things. She’s borderline OCD with cleaning. Recently, after I scrubbed, bleached, and hosed down the garage. She hung a dity sopping wet mop in there which drained dirthy water onto the floor and into the entry mat. I’m becoming Leery.
    What’s your view of this woman?

  15. Avadora Mimouni

    Hello I’m a female in nyc and I have an Heterosexual male roommate, I been debating to move but my rent is very affordable. He copies everything I do including going to same gym and same stores for food , lately he buys same products and and foods , so o have switched it up , now he doesn’t have a job so he managed to be on the same schedule has me when it comes to shower , eat cook ….. this morning I see that now he has 2 cups for shakes like I do …. what should I do ?

  16. When I notice that people are imitating me I interpret it as bullying or intimitading me. I feel that they hate me or want to see me suffer. Flattery? I dont think so. It really bothers me and I do not know how else to cope with the feelings.

  17. I have a friend that has taken up the same hobby as me. At first I helped this friend, I thought what a cool thing to do together, but now it’s turned into a competitive annoyance.
    I feel so frustrated with it that I no longer want to continue with the hobby at all.
    Why did I get into this? I know have lots of equipment that I really can’t be a**** with.

  18. You can secure, self-impressed and confident and still copy others. And WANTING to copy someone isn’t the same as NEEDING to. Claiming that someone is doing something because they feel a “need” without considering that it could be a mere /desire/ is downright ignorant.

    That being said, there are many other, surprisingly healthy reasons why people do this. Maybe study psychology some time.

  19. This is not a friend who is doing this to me; it’s my mom. Since I became an adult she has always copied everything I do like eating when I eat, drinking when I drink, and paints her nails when I do to name a few. I know she has some mental issues since I was a child everyone ignored. Could it be some the reason?

  20. My girlfriend copies everything I do… period. I eat a snack – so does she, I vacuum my car – so does she, I smoke a cig – she smokes a cig, I dress flashy – she dresses flashy but that goes hand in hand… wth else??…I walk outside – she follows, I leave the room to go use the bathroom – she barges in as well holy crap!! she follows me like a “lost puppy” for Christ sakes!!! I need to get away!!! ALONE!!! Get out of being UP my ass!!! holy man…Always in MY GRILL!! Go the hell home for once!!… LOL!!… wink – DTM

  21. I have a coworker who has a mental disability that I’m not able to identify. One thing she does is copy others. She’s copied me in a couple of ways, and frankly I’m not flattered by this. I find it creepy. I wish this article would have explained exactly why someone with mental disabilities would mimic others, and what that disability might be. One of my pet hates in life is being stared at and watched, so I don’t find the situation amusing. It is definitely not complimentary.

  22. I also have a neighbor that copies my style my colors my dog my car she can’t wear her hair because something is wrong with it she gets jealous when she see me wearing my hair because she always have a hat and I turban on her head I think she have hearing issues and it makes her so jealous when she see my hair that she literally go out and by an outfit or color like mine and make sure I see her in them this is a problem I know she have insecurity issues people call her my twin and says that she wants to feel me she wants to be like me and she wants to Jack me for my style what can I do this is beginning to be very sickening it’s like the white single female but only insta black single female that a very big problem what can I do to detour her should I start dressing like she dress all the time well I can’t do that because I’ll still be dressing like myself. But I could copy or turban and her baseball hat and her belt to make her no how I feel about it.

  23. I have a little sister who mimics everythig I have done,furniture house,layout ,fashion style even the number of children,color of car and tried try to copy my personality,she even went so far as to gain about 60,lbs,so as to be my size!irealy mean every thing,wall colors in the house,furniture colors even the same deco ,she even bought a house on a street that was almost the same name as my street!,I found this to be cute at first but later on saw that it was too much,it was frightening to me.esecially after I gave birth to another child she totally flipped out,at the grocery store cursed me out,and stated,how dare you have another baby,and not bother with me any more. Who in the….do you think you are? I hate you!i found that to be very freighting,the baby was only3wks,old I thought she was going to grab the baby or throw something to hurt the bay. As if that wasn’t enough ,she spent all of her extra time trying to turn all of the other siblings against me!imean this was her second job was to spread lies and put me down ,.you see this is what happened after she felt as though she had succeeded at taking my place ,she even had extreme,extreme jealousy because my father and I share the same birthday!,so she also cursed him out in a public place and caused him to have a heart attach &multiple strokes,he passed away.i loved him dearly. So I now know it all starts with a little copy dating which then leads to extremely imitating some one to extreme jealousy,I feel this type of behavior is not normal and can become dangerousl ,I took the smart way out cut off all communication and ties with her and all family members like her ,for my own safety and the safety of my children &husband,because I love myself and them dearly….

  24. I used to be friends with a girl who was clearly threatened by me I would tell her something I was proud of and she deminshed me and told me awful things trying to tear my ego down. I finally woke up and realized she was abusing me. I left her but two years later I became a much more confidant person. I noticed that as soon as I was showing this confidant powerful version of me she started paying attention to me agian. Once again I was “threatening” her ego. Her sister started dressing like me and acting like me it was as if she as trying to replace me with her sister. I dyed my hair black her sister dyed her hair black I started acting confidant and her sister suddenly appeared confidant. It gave me the creeps as if they watched me like an experiment. I deleted and blocked her on social media. That’ bothered her, it was satisfying. The only way to stop people who copy you is show them you can’t be copied. Make art and look away from the childish games. They lose interest as soon as they realize they are fighting nothing.

  25. My copycat copies everything I do in life (for the past 6yrs) anyway. Now she’s trying to steal my friends by inviting them out doing things I normally do with them. Like – I have one friend that stays at my house every weekend (we live in the country and my friend lives in the city) but my copycat has now started inviting my friend to her house on the weekends putting my friend in a difficult position. It’s just creepy how she’s always trying to imitate everything I do. I fee self centred complaining about it but I feel kind of put upon now. I don’t – it’s an odd situation

  26. I have a younger sister who looks up to me.she always compares herself to me and crys and throw a tantrum because shes not as attractive as me. What I find most annoying recently is I realised that she takes interest in the people that I currently have a crush on. When I expressed interest on like this person, she began stalking him on the internet and told me that she started to like him as well. (Because I showed her how beautiful he is lol) I really like this guy and find my sister so annoying when she’s expressing for love for him.

    • I guess since they’re our little sister, they believe they get a pass on copying everything that we do. I’ve always notice that my little sister was jealous. I even notice that when my husband is around she wears low cut tops or sits with her legs open while wearing a dress. The kicker is that he pays her ABSOLUTELY NO attention. Lol, it’s sad. Now typically I call folks out on their bluff. But, I’ll let these minor issues pass, for now!

  27. Now my sister and I aren’t very close. But, over the years we both have began to make an effort to develop a better relationship. Due to certain circumstances we weren’t raised in the same household. Ironically we tend to do a lot of the same things unknowingly. I actually thought it was weirdly funny at first. But, lately I’ve noticed that she little pics my brain to figure out my thoughts and ideas. This has become quite annoying. It’s NOT flattering at all. Honestly, I’ve always felt a sense of jealously from her. I don’t know, it’s really weird. I’ve always been able to pick up on a lot from her non verbals. Facial expressions don’t lie. It’s really starting to bug me. But, I have a trick up my sleeve. I’m going to start telling ther the opposite of everything and laugh when she does it. Then gently call her out on it. I know she has past issues, but I’m beginning to think that she has psych issues or extreme jealously. Sister or not, I can’t have a jealous person around me. I don’t know what they are capable of. It’s really scary. I’ve expressed my interest in this one particular thing. She txts me and ask where can she buy it from, I asked why do you want it and she had no idea what it was even for. That confirmed everything. ThiS shit is so weird. This is one of the reasons why you love folks from afar. Distance is KEY!

  28. Anonymous, I believe you. You know you will rise above the insanity. Miriam, I also have a mother who acts this way. She started first taking notice of me when I hit puberty and continued on in a relentlessly creepy way, so as soon as I graduated high school and moved to another state got married and built my life as detached as possible. She has always reacted to every action I take every idea that I express, with mockery and derailment. So obviously I have instinctively learned to guard against telling her anything over time. When I stick to my path and carry out my ideas or plans, she openly expresses bitter grudges that her sabotage was not successful and reframes it, twisted as childish disobedience (again, we are talking about totally autonomous adults living separate independent lives) followed by interrogation of me on how to do the exact same thing, which she then does with intensity of pursuit. I see no end in sight. It has been my whole life. It is very hard to build bridges with someone like this. I feel sad that she is so focused on me in this obsessive way and not in a loving and sharing way we all imagine a mother would be. I decided not to even have children because I could not bear to have her obtain access to their psyches as my own is still in repair mode.

  29. Do Something you really LOVE..For me its Bicycling…!!!!

    …..Same thing….They’ll try to copy you and soon their springs will pop out!!

    Ha Ha.. I can become obsessed with cycling…:)…More they push more you get in to it…

    better use it… take the pain… find LOVE…It’s a sign….

  30. The copy cat tendency can be a phase on the way to developing one’s own individuality. But if it lasts too long, it can also be a sign that a person is missing a core sense of who they are, and they are trying to act “as if” they are someone else in order to feel less empty and vacant, emotionally.

  31. I meet a girl in London in June 1999 – I went with an older friend to visit her friends, and she told me ‘There is a girl and if I could please talk to her and advise her on her look, etc, as she wants to be a movie start’ and she isn’t confident with her-self.

    We stayed at her family’s house for a day/overnight. She was mesmerized by me, she said the way I looked, my eyes, cheekbones, my behavior, the way i talk, clothes, pony tail, nail polish, etc, etc. She told me she wanted to look like me. She was doing small roles in England and wanted to be famous and was extremely concern for the way she looked. She very much lack of confident, with very low self-steam.

    I advised her: ‘her skin was too pale she needed some color, her hair was too dark for her, adding some ombre to her hair will help, her teeth needed some whitening, etc, etc. She kept steering at me and told me ‘she wanted to look just like me!’

    Her and her family said to me many times that my Spanish eyes and cheekbones were beautiful. Steering at me all of them and talking to each other. I didn’t know they were looking at me to copy me for the girl, they asked me how I was doing my hair, as I left two pieces of hair on each side of my face with my puffy ponytail.

    A year after meeting her, year 2000. “My older friend” came to my house and stole many photos of me, and she even cut my hair (she convinced me that it will be good for my hair), I was young and naive. Then she gave the pieces of my hair to the girl for her hair extensions.

    To this date March 2018, she is in Hollywood trying everyday to look exactly the same as I was looking on the day we meet. She always wears the same ponytail, she uses a lot of shadow on her eyes to make them big like mine, she wears exactly the same boots I was wearing 19 years ago, same sun glasses, same leggings, white tank top, cardigan, same looking black bag (sometimes she wears others things, although her repeated items for the past 19 years are what was i wearing, my face and hair!). She even opens her mouth when knows the paparazzi is near her.

    She told me she will channel me. At the time I didn’t know what she meant, by her explanation ‘channel someone’ sounded to me more like copying. I told her ‘she should be herself’ not trying to be someone else.

    Now I see that ‘That is what actors do, take over another’s ‘Persona’, imitate/copy them as much as they possibly can. This woman is been imitating me for 19 years. Even sometimes I think she must be out of her mind! I also feel I have created a clone of myself that is now famous. 🙂 I am pretty sure she will always be in denial.

    She puts fillers on her cheeks to make then look like mine. She provably still have my photos and tries to channel me every day.

    My mom hated ‘my older friend’, and didn’t trust her. At the time I thought my mom was jealous of her. I didn’t see the reality at the time.

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