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Top 5 Best Tips to Prevent Diabetes

Best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. 

You can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by understanding your risk and making changes to your lifestyle. Here are the best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. Increased weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride (blood fat) levels are the common risk factors for diabetes. More than 24 million Americans have diabetes.

Number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States increases fast. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult-onset diabetes. Genes you inherit may influence the development of type 2 diabetes. Changes to behavioral and lifestyle factors helps to prevent diabetes. Have a look on Top 5 Best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. 

Tips to Prevent Diabetes

1. Control Your Weight

Excess weight is the most important cause of type 2 diabetes. Being overweight increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. This makes you 20 to 40 times more likely to develop diabetes than those with a healthy weight. Excess body fat, particularly if stored around the abdomen, can increase the body’s resistance to the hormone insulin. This can lead to type 2 diabetes. This is one of the best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. This is one of the best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. 

2. Exercise regularly

Moderate physical activity on a daily routine helps manage weight, reduce blood glucose levels and may also improve blood pressure and cholesterol. Regular physical activity also helps to Lose weight, Lower your blood sugar and Boost your sensitivity to insulin. All this helps keep your blood sugar within a normal range. This is one of the best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. 

3. Eat Plenty of Fiber

You should eat lots of foods high in fiber and this include fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. This all reduce your risk of diabetes by improving your blood sugar control. Fiber helps to Lower your risk of heart disease and Promote weight loss by helping you feel full. This is one of the best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. 

4. Avoid Processed Foods, Alcohol & Smoking

Convenience meals are high in salt, fat and kilo joules. Try to cook for yourself using fresh ingredients. Too much alcohol found to cause weight gain and this increase your blood pressure and triglyceride levels. Also, smokers are twice as likely to develop diabetes as non-smokers. This is one of the best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. 

5. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

You have to Control your blood pressure by regular exercise, a balanced diet and by keeping a healthy weight. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease have many risk factors in common. Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease also reduces the risk for diabetes. This is one of the best Tips to Prevent Diabetes. 

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