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Skin Tanning with Sun Tanning Bed Dangers – Skin Cancer Risk

Have you seen various pictures of skin cancer, spreading recently on web which is caused by skin tanning with sun tan bed. These images are posted by Mrs Tawny Willoughby to social networking sites as a warning to skin tanning with tanning beds.

Here you can read about the Skin Tanning with Suntan Bed and its dangers. There is a proven relation with Skin Cancer Risk and skin tanning with sun tan beds or other methods. Your health and life is more important than a temporary bronzed glow skin. 

The Story of Tawny Willoughby

Tawny Willoughby from a small-town Kentucky where she grew up and used to use a tanning bed four or five times a week. She had her personal tanning bed in home and did a lot of tanning sections as her friends. She was unaware about the future or skin cancer at the time. 

Skin Tanning with Sun Tanning Bed Dangers - Skin Cancer Risk

From nursing school, one of her classmates diagnosed with melanoma and then Tawny Willoughby made her first dermatology appointment at age 21 and confirmed skin cancer. Now she is 27 and regrets about her life style choice of frequent tanning as a teenager. 

Skin Tanning with Suntan Bed Dangers - Skin Cancer Risk

She suffered from basal cell carcinoma five times and squamous cell carcinoma once. Tawny Willoughby go to dermatologist every six to 12 months and a cancerous piece of skin removed at each checkup. She warns us through her seflies about  hazards of tanning beds. These grisly image, taken after one of her cancer treatments, shows her face with bloody scabs and blisters. 

Skin Tanning with Suntan Bed Dangers - Skin Cancer Risk

Incidence of Skin Cancer in Relation to Tanning

According to  American Academy of Dermatology one in five Americans have high risk of developing skin cancer in their lifetime. Exposure to tanning bed is the main risk factor for Melanoma. This is the deadliest form of skin cancer. If you really want to get a tanned skin, not lay in the tanning bed and sun. Always Wear sunscreen and get a spray tan.

Indoor tanning is dangerous and more and more incidents are reporting per year. Adults in the age group of 25-29 years old often affected with this issue. This is the second-most common form of cancer for adolescents and adults around 15 – 29 years old. 

What is Skin Tanning and How to Get Tanned Body ?

A skin tan may get from the beach, in a bed, or through incidental exposure for cosmetic purpose. This is really bad and caused by harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning lamps. Tanned skin shows that you’ve sustained skin cell damage.

People in tanning salons may not be aware about the complete side effects of these kind of skin tanning. Thee is 74 percent more chance to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors. This cumulative damage caused by UV radiation cause many complications and side effects. 

Skin Tanning with Suntan Bed Dangers - Skin Cancer Risk

Risk Factors for Skin Cancer

  • Skin that burns easily
  • Blond or red hair
  • History of excessive sun exposure
  • Sunburns and tanning-bed use

Relation Between Skin Tanning and Skin Cancer

Here is how skin Tanning leads to Skin cancer;

There are mainly two types of UV radiation which is dangerous. This rays will penetrate the skin and these are UV-B and UV-A rays. Among this, UV-B rays penetrate the top layers of skin. This is highly responsible for sunburns. Second is, UV-A rays which penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. This rays are often associated with allergic reactions, such as a rash. 

Both UV-B and UV-A rays can create damage the skin and most of the time continuous exposure lead to skin cancer. Tanning salons have lamps that emit both UV-A and UV-B radiation. Indoor tanning related to squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Both UV-A and UV-B rays makes DNA damage and this can lead to skin cancer. 

Skin Tanning with Suntan Bed Dangers - Skin Cancer Risk

Risks and Complications of Skin Tanning

  • Skin cancer is related to indoor tanning and two types of skin cancer. UV-emitting tanning devices causes the risk of melanoma of the skin up by 75 percent. 
  • Premature skin aging: Skin easily gets lots of Wrinkles. Your Skin lose elasticity and creates lax skin with brown spots. 
  • Immune suppression is caused by UV-B radiation causes the skin’s natural defenses to work slower. Here you are more vulnerable to diseases, including skin cancer. 
  • Excessive amount of UV radiation can cause irreversible damage to the eyes and may lead to cancer in eye. 
  • Those who are sensitive to UV radiation may develop an itchy red rash and other adverse effects.

Skin Tanning in Children and Teens

Tips to Prevent Risks from Tanning

  • Always wear the goggles provided, which can prevent short- and long-term eye injury. 
  • Avoid practice of Starting with long exposures, as this causes burning. Once happened sunburn takes 6 to 48 hours to develop and you may realize your skin is burned until it’s too late.
  • Best to follow manufacturer-recommended exposure times on the label.
  • Avoid tanning when using certain medications or cosmetics that may make you more sensitive to UV rays. 

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