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Overnight Cooked Rice as a super Healthy Breakfast

Overnight Cooked Rice

Eating fermented rice for breakfast was an old custom among the farmers and laborers, especially of South East Asia. Now science proved that the Overnight Cooked Rice acts as a super Healthy Breakfast and it features lots of medicinal and nutritional properties.  Cooked Rice is an important food item globally and it can be consumed as plain cooked or with side dishes. Do not throw away that extra rice you had cooked afternoon and turn it to a healthiest breakfast you will ever have. 

How to Make Overnight Cooked Rice ?

  • Cook rice as normal (usually afternoon) and drain excessive water
  • Let the rice cools down to room temperature
  • Evening or night you can soak this fully in water and store in an earthen clay pot
  • Cover the pot and left overnight at regular room temperature
  • Rice will ferment by the next morning and is best for breakfast
  • Use raw onion or green chili as side dish or 
  • Drain excess water and mix with yogurt and a slight sprinkle of salt

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Overnight Cooked Rice?

American Nutrition Association has listed lots of wonderful benefits if you stick to the practice of eating such soaked rice as a breakfast in morning. This  keeps the body light and also energetic. Overnight Cooked Rice contains lots of Beneficial bacteria in abundance for the body. Most of your Stomach ailments disappear with consuming Overnight Cooked Rice.

The excessive body heat retained in the body is neutralized. There is lots of fiber in Overnight Cooked Rice (with bran) removes constipation and also dullness in the body. For this purpose you must eat unpolished rice with lot of bran. Rice without bran is not have much nutritional properties. This also benefits in getting normal Blood pressure and hypertension.

Overnight Cooked Rice

Overnight Cooked Rice leaves you fully energetic for the full day. Body feels less tired. The rice also have property to removes allergy induced problems and also skin-related ailments. Plain Rice powder is a good home remedy for acne and skin problems when applied over skin. Overnight Cooked Rice removes all types of ulcers in the body.

Overnight Cooked Rice helps in maintaining youthful and radiant look. You may have habit of taking coffee or tea daily morning, one your started with Overnight Cooked Rice, these habits takes away your body’s craving for tea or coffee. This is also said to be the richest source of vitamin B12 for vegan. 


  1. On the previous day’s afternoon, should we start by cooking the rice completely plain, or is it best to add salt, oil/ghee, or other spices to it while cooking it, to help it ferment afterward?

    • Just cook plain rice with enough water withing afternoon and keep this well covered with the lid. Just leave it overnight with enough water. Next morning you can open the pot, mix well and add salt, onion, spices or oil as per you taste preference and enjoy your delicious breakfast.

  2. This is the age old practice followed by the South Indian farmers. That keeps them healthy and energetic throughout the day.

  3. When American Nutrition association published health benefits of soaked rice. I need authentication by American Nutrition association. In my literature searches, I could not get from American nutrition association news letter. Any one can help me?

  4. Thank you for your informative post.
    Would the benefits of fermentation be lost in some way if the fermented rice is cooked into a dish in the morning?

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