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Orgasmic Meditation – How to Do, Benefits for Women and Video

What is Orgasmic Meditation ? 

Orgasmic meditation which is also known as “OMing” is a term coined by Nicole Daedone. This is a meditation in which the center of practice is the finger to genital contact. This meditation is best to practice in pairs. One can stroke the genitals of the other. Focus of attention is developing connective resonance between them. In Orgasmic meditation, female orgasm through subtle and deliberate stimulation of the clitoris is given importance.

OneTaste is a business/company, dedicated to  researching and teaching the practices of orgasmic meditation and slow sex. Their central focus is female orgasm and sexuality. OneTaste has centers  in London, Los Angeles, Austin, Las Vegas, San Diego, Boulder, Philadelphia and New York City. It is not free, You may have to pay fee:- Coaching Certification ($15,000), a Mastery Program ($7,500, a one-day PLay Class ($195) and Turn On events ($10). 

Advantages of Orgasmic Meditation

This is more than just orgasm and this practice encourages greater emotional awareness, connected relationships, and sense of fulfillment. Orgasmic meditation most of the time compared to tantric practices. This is similar to Buddhist Tantric sex. OMing borrows many things from other traditions including yoga, and other meditation forms. 

Orgasmic meditation is the central of “Slow Sex Movement”. OMing brings consciousness to sexuality. When done, this is a therapeutic method,  rather than sexual. The “stroking” of this practice is allegedly activates the limbic system and releases a flood of oxytocin. 

This works in the same way of other meditation and yoga. Experienced persons say that the practice offers intense and profound orgasms. Orgasmic meditation expands one’s capacity to feel pleasure and other sensations. This is also best to promotes greater personal awareness and interpersonal connectivity. Some may have a discomfort or inappropriateness for this practice.

Orgasmic Meditation - How to Do, Benefits for Women and Video

How to Do Orgasmic Meditation ?

Full Steps – Procedure

  • Choose your partner to do Orgasmic Meditation
  • One person lies down with clothes removed from the waist
  • Fully clothed partner sits alongside of women
  • Male partner use index finger to slowly, deliberately stroke the clitoris
  • This safe sex practice involves the wearing of gloves too
  • The session lasts for 15 minutes
  • Both partners focus attention on the point of stroke
  • Attention should be to the point of contact and immediate sensations
  • Once it is over, both partners share their experiences verbally

Orgasmic Meditation is Not Masturbation

OMing requires a partner with love and care. The practice  is very distinct from masturbation. There are main two reasons which distinguishes Orgasmic Meditation from masturbation. First, the voluntary mind must be given a rest, surrendering to the experience. This is rather than seeking to produce the desired sensations. Second, the resonance between two partners is essential to the experience of shared sensation.

Orgasmic Meditation is most of the time practiced separately from sex. You must choose a location other than the bedroom. This is not foreplay, this special practice “designed to keep a woman on a plateau of sensation. This is a form of recalibration that prepares the body for better, more intense sex and orgasm. 

How to Do Orgasmic Meditation – Video

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