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Lunaception to Cure PCOS and Ovulation Related Fertility Problems

Have you heard about Lunaception ? This is a proven technique to Cure PCOS and Ovulation Related Fertility Problems, thus helping couples to conceive easy without much medical aid. Practicing Lunaception for few months can make your ovulation proper, cycles regular and overall improving fertility. 

What is Lunaception ?

Lunaception is a famous practice that enable a woman to know ahead of time when she will be fertile each month. The term named and described by Louise Lacey. The practice includes daily chart of body temperature, vagina, mood and sleeping in complete darkness except for three days each month.

Theory Behind Lunaception

Lunaception claims, there is a link between menstruation and the moon from ancient time. Human body can well adapt to light and dark rhythms of the moon. Based on this theory each menstruation arrived with the new moon and fertility came with the full moon. This  method uses light to control ovulation. Lunaception has not received proper scientific testing.


Indications for Lunaception

  • Those taken The Pill
  • Those who frequently skip periods
  • Those with  irregular and/or painful cycles
  • Couple with infertility
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Other hormonal problems, like hypothyroidism

How to Practice Lunaception for Fertility ?

All light should be excluded from the bedroom at night. There is exception during the three fullest days of the moon (the day of the full moon and the days preceding and following). There should be a small light throughout the night during these days. According to claim, after several months, the menstrual cycle should come into balance with the light and your body attain greater level of reproductivity.

How to get pregnant with Lunaception Practice ?

Continue Lunaception for few months to make your cycles regular and then try for pregnancy. When you are attempting to conceive, try to have intercourse on those three nights when the moon is fullest. You are ovulating on any one of these days. According to theory, you should ovulate during a full moon and menstruate with a new moon. 


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