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Eye Donation After Death – Procedure, Cost, Rules, Registration

  Eye Donation After Death

Why Cornea is Important?

Eye Donation After Death is one of the most helpful offering for other human being. Eye is the most important organ in our sense organs list. Cornea is a noted part in vision and this is the glass like covering over the pupil of the eye. In childhood it gets damaged because of infections or injuries of the eye or due to poor nutrition. By  corneal grafting persons who lost vision can be regained. This is done with Donated eye,  After Death. At present, there is no substitutes have been developed for the cornea. 

Who Can Donate Eye ?

Anyone can pledge his eyes for donation after his or death. This can be done without consideration of age, sex or social status. Persons who wear glasses, have had a successful eye surgery or also can donate their eyes. If you want to donate your eye, there is No fees are charged from you or your family. Eye Donation After Death is a great help for your companions. 

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Is There any Charge or Religious Issues ?

Eye Donation After Death Services by the government and voluntary sector are provided free of charge as it is a great helping process. Donated eyes are never bought or sold. There are different and controversial moral and religious views on eye donation. Usually seen as most of the religious person voiced their support for eye donation as an expression of the highest humanitarian ideas.

Eye Donation After Death: Who Cant Donate Their Eyes

  • Rabies and Tetanus patients
  • Aids and Jaundice patients
  • Cancer and Gangrene patients
  • Brain Tumor patients
  • Food Poisoning patients patients
  • Septicemia patients
  • Those died with drowning

Eye Donation After Death – Procedure

Eye Donation After Death Service based on nearest Eye Collection Centre/Eye Bank for the willing people. You can also  located at a Medical College or Eye hospital in your area when in need. If you are willing to donate eye, visit any of the area and register your pledge and provide you with an Eye Donation Card. All all members of the family can pledge their eyes together. Once the person is Dead, eye can be donated even the person not pledged after obtaining relatives or parents opinion. 

Watch This Short film produced Pro Bono for the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society.

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