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Drink Driving – Effect of Alcohol on Driving Abilities & Performance

Dangers of Drink Driving

Drink Driving or driving under the influence of alcohol is danger for the person and people around. The Effect of Alcohol causes poor Driving Abilities & Performance. Duirng Drink Drivingthe brain takes longer to receive messages from the eye and this makes accidents. Most of the time the person experience, difficulty in processing information. All instructions to the body’s muscles are delayed and this resulting in slower reaction times and further danger. 

How Alcohol Affects Driving Abilities & Performance

Alcohol interfere with the the senses, and impairs judgment and dulls reaction time. It diminishes inhibitions and leads one to feel a potentially hazardous situation as safe and causes accidents. Drink driving is the most common cause for severe accidents and this makes severe injuries like broken bones, organ damage, and paralysis. The recovery may takes over a long period. Majority of Death from accidents also caused by Drink driving. In many cases the victim is the occupant, cyclist or the pedestrian rather than the driver. 

Drink Driving - Effect of Alcohol on Driving Abilities & Performance?

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and Effects on Driving 

  • BAC level of 20mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood – negatively affects visual function
  • BAC level of 50mg/ 100ml of blood –  difficulty in co-ordination, and abated response time
  • BAC level of 0.08 – causes lowered concentration, inability to control speed, and debilitated awareness
  • BAC level of 0.10 – ability to brake is severely affected
  • BAC level of 0.15 -Driver’s competence is critically damaged, poor ability to pay attention and control the vehicle

Legal consequences for Drink Driving

In England and Wales, the alcohol limit for drivers is 80 milli grammes of alcohol per 100 mil lilitres of blood, 35 micro grammes per 100 milli litres of breath or 107 milli grammes per 100 milli litres of urine. 

In Scotland alcohol limit for drivers in Scotland reduced from 80 milligrams of alcohol in every 100 milli litres of blood to 50 milligrams of alcohol in every 100 milli litres of blood. 

In India, the permissible drink limit or limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 30mg per 100ml of blood. The punishment for the drink driving offense comprises imprisonment and/ or a monetary. Recent recommendation of driving licenses being cancelled upon the first offense

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