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Childhood obesity – Role of Mother, Causes, Future Health Problems

Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the most common and severe health problem which needs high attention among children. Each and every mother now a days want a chubby and cute baby as in daily advertisement. When this dream fails, mothers starts to feed their kids forcibly and cause obesity in later. Here Childhood obesity starts. Today, increasing numbers of obese people and even children makes the health statistics totally worst. 

In earlier times an obese man with  belly fat considered to be rich person in some cultures. Ladies with fatty body are viewed  as from rich and high economic class families. Now the trend is greatly changed and people looks obese people with strange view point. You can see the lust of most body fat in younger adults and small kids than middle adult persons. Read here about, Childhood obesity causes in kids, causes, prevention methods, treatment, complications and future health problems of Childhood obesity.

Obesity From Childhood Food Habits

How Childhood obesity origin? Some mothers have a tendency to feed or serve food for their children regardless of their appetite. Your kid may say he is not feeling hungry, buy you will force to eat and eat all the time to make your kid chubby and cute. This is the most cruelty you are doing to your children. The habit you starts, soon became the bad habit of children and they became over eaters. It effects will continue to adulthood and life long results Childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity

Oily – Fried Dishes and Fast Food Effects

Most of the mothers say, they give fried and oily items to their kids as they are not eating other kinds of foods properly. One the children takes this fried item along with daily meal, he cant stop the habit and never eat a meal without these specific item. Mothers must control the eating habits of bakery items, deep fried and oily dishes as much as possible to avoid health problems. Here Childhood obesity starts. 

All dishes with high spice – masala content, oil, ghee, butter, artificial colors cause harm to out digestive system. One can take this special items and high calories diet on special occasions. But now a days most of them prepares it in a daily basis at home or takes from hotels or fast food shops. Meat and fish are healthy of they are cooked properly and eat with salads. When, the chicken and other non veg dishes cooked with excessive spices and oil it is really hazardous. 

Low Exercise and Health Problems

What is long term effect from Childhood obesity? With the intake of all this, along with a sedentary life style which requires no effort at all, put the person right in danger. Exercise is very low in current generation adults, who focus on IT field and white color jobs. Accumulation of fat in various body parts and blood vessels leads to heart problems and other life style issues. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, bone and joint degeneration, vertebrate and spinal problems are most common. 

Here, you can watch a Video of Childhood obesity 

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