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Nestle Works on Alternative Snack to Replace Maggi Noodles in India

Maggi Noodles in India

Nestle plans to launch a new Alternative Snack in India to Reposition the brand – Maggi. Nestle’s scientists are hard at work on Plan B – said to be the snack in the place of Maggi noodles, which is banned in India. Due to presence of excessive lead content and mislabelling, Maggi Noodles banned in India. There may be chance for Maggi in its existing ... Read More »

Fexaramine – Imaginary Meal Pill Tricks Body for Burning Fat to weight loss

Fexaramine - Imaginary Meal Pill

Imaginary Meal Pill Watch video of Fexaramine – Imaginary Meal Pill Tricks Mice Into Losing Weight below. Could an ‘imaginary meal’ pill solve the obesity crisis? Scientists Want To Trick The Gut Into Burning Fat Without Food. They say a drug that’s been effective in mice acts like an “imaginary meal” in the body.  Ronald Evans, director of the Salk Institute’s Gene Expression Laboratory, has developed ... Read More »

Health care rankings – Netherlands tops and UK in 14th place

Health care

Health care rankings – Netherlands tops and UK in 14th place A new report comparing European provision claims the NHS model is doomed and they are now tops and UK in 14th place only.  UK is “still part of European waiting list territory”.  According to all this, Netherlands is the best country in Europe to live for health care.  According to several ... Read More »

Smartphone Screen Time Ruins Teens’ Sleep- Doctors Confirm Based on Study

Smartphone Screen Time Ruins Teens' Sleep

Smartphone Screen Time Ruins Teens’ Sleep ? Recent study shows that, Too much exposure to smartphone screens ruins your sleep. Those Smartphone Screen disturb most of the Teens’ Sleeping- Doctors Confirm. Ad more time teenagers spend on computers or mobile phones, the less they sleep – especially if the gadget is used just before bedtime. Teenagers should have a “screen-free” hour before bedtime, ... Read More »

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