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Top 10 Most Common Breast Feeding Problems and Home Remedies for First Time Mothers

Top 10 Most Common Breast Feeding Issues and Solutions for First Time Mothers 1. Cracked nipples This is one of the most common and unpleasant experience of breast feeding. You may have sore nipples most usually caused by a bad latch. You have to position your baby correctly while feeding to cure this issue. A baby will pinch their mother’s nipple when there is forceful ... Read More »

Nipah virus infection in Kerala – Everything You Should Know about this Deadly Disease

Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala The current Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala is a dangerous situation. The virus continues to take more lives in Kerala and death toll rises to 17. No vaccine or cure has been invented yet been introduced to cure NiV. Here is Everything You Should Know about this Deadly Disease including the cause of Nipah virus infections, mode of transmission, signs and ... Read More »

Mercury Spill Cleanup Instructions – Cleaning Procedure if a Small Mercury Thermometer Breaks

Mercury Spill Cleanup Instructions – Cleaning Procedure if a Small Mercury Thermometer Breaks Here are some useful Spill Cleanup Instructions if a Small Mercury Thermometer Breaks at your home or other settings. These instructions also apply to spills from other sources in which the amount is less than or similar to the amount in a thermometer. If your spill is greater than the ... Read More »

Dangers of Mercury Thermometers – What Should Do, If You Broke A Thermometer

Dangers of Mercury Thermometers – What Should Do, If  You Broke A Thermometer A Research conducted by emergency physicians at Children’s Hospital Boston warns parents to get rid of their old glass thermometers. A 12 year review of patients seen in Children’s emergency department (ED) proves that glass thermometers are not safe in addition to mercury exposure injuries from broken ... Read More »

Choose the Right EyeGlasses for Vision Problems – Important Instructions

Right Eye Glass

Choose the Right EyeGlasses for Vision Problems – Important Instructions How to Choose the Right EyeGlasses for Vision Problems ? Here is some Important Instructions while choosing glasses for you. EyeGlasses of various colors, shapes and sizes are available. However, one must choose matching glasses for eye and face. If not, it will cause harm to the eyes. Eye is the most vital part ... Read More »

Why Am I Always Tired? Top 15 Causes of Fatigue

Why Am I Always Tired

Feeling exhausted is so common that it has its own acronym, TATT, which stands for ‘tired all the time’. Any serious illness, especially painful ones, can make you tired. If you’re suffering from constant fatigue, it’s a sign that your body’s normal systems are being disrupted. But some quite minor illnesses can also leave you feeling washed out. Fatigue cause side effects ... Read More »

Eye Donation After Death – Procedure, Cost, Rules, Registration


  Eye Donation After Death Why Cornea is Important? Eye Donation After Death is one of the most helpful offering for other human being. Eye is the most important organ in our sense organs list. Cornea is a noted part in vision and this is the glass like covering over the pupil of the eye. In childhood it gets damaged because of infections or injuries of ... Read More »

Breast Feeding After Delivery – First Time Mothers Must Know Tips

Breast Feed

Breast Feeding After Delivery  Breast Feeding is considered to be a natural and most pleasurable experience as a part of motherhood. Among this, Breast Feeding After Delivery is very important. It is necessary to know how to care the mother the new born. The attention to the health of women start during pregnancy and the care should continue after delivery ... Read More »

Female Orgasm Problems and Role of Partner in Sex

Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm What is Orgasm? Orgasm or the sexual climax is the process of sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension of a male of female during the sexual response cycle, which results in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure. Males and females can enjoy this equally, but a portion of females got problems in achieving orgasm during play. Orgasms are controlled ... Read More »

Does Penis Size Matter in Sex, Partner satisfaction or Pregnancy ?

Penis Size

A famous quote about this topic is “85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penile size, but only 55% of men were satisfied”. Men are competitive when it comes to their ability to satisfy women.  A comprehensive worldwide study of more than 40 independent penis size research projects, undertaken since 1942. With over 11,000 participants, the survey puts the average erect ... Read More »

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