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Breast Feeding After Delivery – First Time Mothers Must Know Tips

Breast Feeding After Delivery 

Breast Feeding is considered to be a natural and most pleasurable experience as a part of motherhood. Among this, Breast Feeding After Delivery is very important. It is necessary to know how to care the mother the new born. The attention to the health of women start during pregnancy and the care should continue after delivery along with the care of baby. Here, watch the video of Breast Feeding After Delivery for more knowledge. 

There are number of physical changes for a women during pregnancy. The body must be in pre-delivery condition after delivery, within few months. In addition, it is necessary for mother to know about the child care methods. Among this Breast Feeding After Delivery is most important and you can check the videos of how to do this properly. 

Breast Feed

Colostrum – First Milk

Soon after delivery, the first fluid coming through nipple is ‘rich’ in vitamins and minerals.  It is known as Colostrum and contains a variety of factors, including those for obtaining immunity. Therefore, it is mandatory to feed with this liquid. This first milk is not in white color as breast milk, but in a thick consistency and pale in color.

Start Breast Feeding After Delivery with Colostrum only. Later you can go for milk or any other liquid. Never avoid Colostrum  or wait for production of white colored breast milk, because if the baby sucks and drinks the first milk adequately – then only good milk production occurs. 

How to Feed Baby?

A lot of attention should pay during first Breast Feeding After Delivery. Keep the baby secure in lap with support from your hands. The mother better to wear some loose cotton clothing during this time for easiness. Dress with hard parts/zips and half open dress will cause irritation to the baby face. Keep your breast and nipple exposed for easy access by the baby.  Watch the video of different breast feeding positions and how to feed your baby naturally. 

Pay Attention Always

Attention is essential when Breast Feeding, as the baby sucks and swallows milk. Observe for any breathing difficulty, sucking or swallowing problem while feeding. Keep the nose of baby away from breast as possible to prevent breathing difficulty. Aspiration of milk may happen due to poor attention while feeding. 


  1. i am a primi and now 9 month pregnant . i have lot of concern about the breast feeding and i go through it and found useful . you can also add some details regarding different breast feeding positions too

  2. i also had some difficulties, when i started feeding for my first baby, i was a new mom at that time. .now i have 2 kids and i didnt have any problem in my breast feeding in second baby

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