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How to Remove Fat from Milk at Home – Preparation of Low Fat – Skim Milk

How to Remove Fat from Milk at Home with some simple techniques ? Here we can help you for the Preparation of Low Fat – Skim Milk from your own home itself. You should prefer low fat milk, if concerned about body weight control. Rather  than buying packed skim milk with low fat, you can go for fresh home made skim milk. Using the home made Low Fat – Skim Milk offers lots of advantages for your health. Low fat milk Also Known As 99.7% fat free milk, Light Milk, 1% fat milk, Toned Milk, Skim milk etc.

Health Benefits of Low Fat – Skim Milk

Low fat milk is a healthier choice as it contains all the essentials present in milk. The calorie count is low and this milk can be consumed by people with diabetics, the overweight and the elderly. Low-fat milk helps restrict the percentage of fat intake. You should try Preparation of Low Fat – Skim Milk at your home.

Avoiding Saturated fats present in whole milk, helps regulate blood cholesterol levels. This decrease the chances of heart disease taking place. The proteins in low fat milk are untouched during its processing, and this is a good source of biological protein. Lots of calcium and vitamin D helps for bones and teeth strength.

Preparation of Low Fat – Skim Milk

How to Remove Fat from Milk at Home - Preparation of Low Fat - Skim Milk

1. Cold skim

Cold skim is a simple way for Preparation of Low Fat – Skim Milk at your home. Check the milk has been homogenized or not. Choose the milk which has not been homogenized. Allow the container sit quietly for several hours with a cover on top. Bits of solid particles floating around and the particles will soon “settle”. Open the container and scoop a layer of cream floating on top of it. Do not shake the container as the fat will be redistributed. Repeat, if desired. To fasten this process keep the container closed in refrigerator for several hours. 

Preparation of Low Fat - Skim Milk

2. Hot skim

Another technique of Preparation of Low Fat – Skim Milk is hot skim. To do this, Pour the milk into a saucepan. Cook on low heat and Once it reaches boiling, remove the saucepan from the stove. Allow the milk cool down completely in room temperature. After cooling, gently scoop the cream from the bowl.

Preparation of Low Fat - Skim Milk

3. Creaming Separation

This is a more common commercial method to make skim milk. Leave the milk to stand for between 30 and 40 minutes, the fat will naturally separate. This process is known as creaming and uses the principles of gravity. All the fat globules bring together and cause them to rise on top. Manufacturers temporarily increase milk’s temperature to between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius and this will help to speed the process. Higher temperatures cause the fat to come together more quickly and then fat be skimmed off the top.

Preparation of Low Fat - Skim Milk

4. Gravity Separation 

This is a faster commercial method of Preparation of Low Fat – Skim Milk. The method is called skim milk centrifugal separation. It requires a centrifuge machine that spins at a very fast rate. Milk is placed into a centrifuge, the force of gravity is about 5,000 to 10,000 times greater than the Earth’s gravitational pull. So milk separators have different channels where the fat and skim milk portions are separated and collected. Along with this particles such as bacteria also can be separated.

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